I’m so pregnant and two talented babies: the best in parenting this week

The Internet was so full of parenting gems this week that I wonder if non-parents are feeling a bit jealous. Prepare to laugh a lot but keep a Kleenex handy for that one moving pearl in the bunch.

1. “I’m So Pregnant,” “Fancy” Parody

This parody of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” produced by What’s Up Moms just might be one of my favorites this year.


2. Babies and dogs
Wise words from Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp dogs and infants quote


3. Pinterest maternity photo inspiration? They nailed it

Do you ever see something on Pinterest and think, “I can do this. This is awesome!” only to do it and it turn out not awesome? Reddit user huskerman402 and his wife did just that this week, and the culprit for their failure made their version even better than the original.

Reddit Pinterest Inspired Pregnancy Photo


4. 2-year-old’s got talent

This little girl (who happens to be related to Brooklyn Decker) has allegedly been cheerleading since she was three months old. Her stunts are pretty impressive!

5. Friends without kids

Feel bad about not having time to hang out with your friends who don’t have kids? Just send them this video. (The best part: “I’m actually thinking about all the free time you have. It’s so weird. You could leave here, drive to Vegas, see Britney Spears or even take a nap.”)


6. Baby’s modern dance moves

This baby has better moves than I do. Without. A. Doubt.


7. Ryland’s story

The Whittington Family’s story about their transgender son Ryland is about so much more than acceptance; it’s about a parent’s unconditional love. (Warning: mascara alert.)

8. To the lady ashamed of being pregnant with her fourth

“When did having a large family become equivalent to a tragic event? Why do people think that seeing a mother with lots of children automatically entitle them to make rude comments concerning her family planning?” This blogger’s story about meeting a woman pregnant with her fourth is a must-read.


9. People with kids at the beach vs. People without kids at the beach

Do you remember the days when you could lay out on the beach, relax, and read a magazine? This post comparing the beach with kids to the beach without kids is hilarious.


10. Son doodles on dad’s passport…dad gets stranded in South Korea
So your kids doodle on the wall? This dad has you beat. After his toddler drew (hilariously, I might add) all over his passport photo, he gets stuck in South Korea and can’t fly home with his family. I’m sure he’ll look back on this one day and laugh…right?


11. To take a nap or not to take a nap?
It’s all about that window between not tired and over-tired.

Funny baby meme take a nap


12. 25 ways you know you’re a SAHM

Scary Mommy nailed it with this list.


13. One very cool SAHD
This stay-at-home dad (who is also a photographer) took some flack for his “hardcore hand gesture” when he posted this photo to Reddit. But his response was amazing.

SAHD Reddit


14. How does an outbreak of measles happen?

The Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee chats with both Dr. Paul Offit and a popular anti-vaxx blogger in this admittedly snarky segment. One non-comedic nugget to note though:  “Vaccines are not belief-based, they’re evidence-based.”

Which “gem” did you love best? Share your favorite in the comments.

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  1. Omg I am dying right now at the “I’m so Pregnant!” HILARIOUS!! And for the record…I totally pulled the “push gift” card when I was preggo- LOL! 🙂

  2. Ryland’s story is simply moving! He is so fortunate to have parents who love him unconditionally and were willing to make the change for him! If only there were more parents out there like Ryland’s….. Hopefully this video will spread and really help other families who may be going through a similar situation.

    1. I hope so, too!


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