Science for girls and why dads need changing stations: the best in parenting this week

Nothing like using movies to show how awesome you are as a parent. Also on tap this week: science is for girls, too, and the mantra of a 4-year-old we should all live by.

1. Parenting, Mean Girls-style

If you live your life quoting movies at random, now you can do so with your kids, and it will make complete sense! You may have seen a few from last week, but come on—how accurate is this list from BuzzFeed?

Parenting mean girls style


2. Hooray for science!

Meet the coolest young girls ever who want to do science! This great Microsoft ad shows that science isn’t just for the boys.


3. Where did the “community” go?

Why is it mommy vs. mommy, parent vs. parent, and every person for themselves when it comes to our children? With the increase in free-range parenting, when did we decide that we’d rather hurt our fellow parents instead of help? Sometimes we need to take a step back and think, “what if it were my family?”


4. Iron Man and #TheCollectiveProject

It’s pretty amazing to watch Robert Downey, Jr. give this 7-year-old an arm. Alex was born with a partially developed right arm, and Limbitless provides low-cost 3D bionic limbs to kids around the world. Thanks, Iron Man!


5. Mom hate, explained

Last week we showed you that one woman is apologizing for the way she treated parents when she was childless. This week we saw plenty of backlash to the article, including this one from The Week. The argument is that we need more legal protections of mothers and parents with a “strong legal infrastructure.” My argument: we can’t start taking legal action until we admit that we have a problem in the first place.


6. Dads need changing stations, too!

New dad Ashton Kutcher took to Facebook this week to sound off about the lack of diaper changing stations for men. Is he right?


7.  Hello, newborn!

This new baby is so stoked about being here that they’ve already said their first words at seven weeks old. Adorbs!


8. After belly

It’s basically never OK to assume a woman is pregnant, especially when she has already given birth, and you’re judging her on her after belly.


9. The breastfeeding struggle is real

“You’ll probably leak through your shirt without noticing.”


10. “I should feed my baby where??”

This award-winning photo showcases the stigma that breastfeeding mothers endure when trying to feed their babies in public. So what would happen if grown men had to eat in a bathroom?


11. Saving voices

The story of a young mother dying in a car accident is tragic, but the toddler survived 14 hours after the crash. The rescuers say it was a screaming woman’s voice that saved them. So if the mother was already dead, who was it?


12. Frozen 2!

Disney announced the (much-anticipated, highly expected) sequel to Frozen is coming! No release date is set, but the movie has made $1.3 billion since it’s 2013 release, so this sequel news comes as a shock to no one.


13. The gentle cesarean

The C-section is the most common surgery in America, but some women feel that they are missing out on actually “giving birth” to their child. Enter the gentle cesarean, which aims to bridge the gap between mother and baby during labor.


14. The touch of love

This Johnson’s Baby ad just showed us how the skin-to-skin contact from moms and dads alike can literally be life-saving. Get the tissues ready.


 15. Pregnancy abs

The 8 1/2-month pregnant model has been making the rounds this past week. Not because she is pregnant, but because she is literally weeks away from having a baby, and she looks like what most of us look like after eating a Chipotle burrito.


16. “I came here to learn, not look pretty!”

Sometimes all we need are the words of a 4-year-old to remind us of our purpose.


17. Dr. Google, improved

Notice anything different in your googling lately? Nearly 1 out of every 20 searches is for health-related information. Turns out Google is improving your health searches more with symptoms, treatments, and what questions to ask your doctor. Of course, Bundoo is a great source of all your pediatric, child care, and pregnancy needs.


 18. Sleep allergies

New dad Ryan Reynolds shares his daughter’s evil plan to stop parents from sleeping. (Starts at 2:05 mark)



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  1. I agree-men should have changing tables in public restrooms. It’s almost crazy to think that this is even an issue. What’s a dad to do when he’s out and about with his little one???


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