The new cupcake lawyer and St. Patty’s Day fun: the best in parenting this week

Genius negotiations for cupcakes, happy kids, and parents jamming to Frozen. If your week wasn’t wonderful before, it will be now!

1. Linda! Honey!

This 3-year-old’s argument for why he needs a cupcake for dinner will make you smile.


2. 27 things every parent secretly does

The cat’s out of the bag! But please, you number thirteeners, just don’t.


3. Happy

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” any more… Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital here in South Florida made a video with their patients to educate people on the importance of child life specialists.


4. St. Patrick’s Day fun for kids

St. Patty’s Day activity and food ideas have taken over Pinterest this week, and we’ve pinned our favorites.


5. Parents lip-sync Frozen

Ever get into your kids’ movies more than your kid does? Then you’ll appreciate this performance by these self-professed “good looking parents.”


6. #BanBossy

Sheryl Sandberg’s LeanIn organization has started a campaign to ban the word “bossy.” As celebs like Beyonce and Jennifer Garner and female leaders like Condoleezza Rice and Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chávez show support for the campaign to stop calling little girls “bossy,” other parents aren’t so sure banning the word is the right fix for gender leadership inequality.


7. Crying over spilt milk

Can I get an “amen” or “mmhmm, that’s right?”



8. Miracle (babies) happen

Halifax mom Robin Cyr’s baby took her first breath 25 minutes after being born motionless. Do you believe in miracles?

9. Paycheck to paycheck

A new HBO documentary produced by Maria Shriver shares the experience of one single mom of three over the course of a year. The documentary will be available free online on, and YouTube March 17-24.


10. Women can now legally keep fathers out of the delivery room

A New Jersey judge ruled that women have the right to keep their baby’s biological father out of the delivery room. Read more about the controversial ruling.


11. Dollars for Dinosaurs: An inspiring preschooler’s mission

How many times have you told your kid you’d give away their toys to someone who needs them if they didn’t clean their room? When 4-year-old Brennan’s mom said that, it sparked an idea. He wants to raise money to give his favorite toy dinosaurs to sick children. Support his dream. $1 gets one dinosaur for a hospitalized child.



12. Toddler Saves Mom From Dog Attack Using FaceTime

What’s a 2-year-old to do when his mom is being attacked by a dog? FaceTime for help.


13. Monkeys and Bananas

Who says parenting isn’t hilarious!?



14. Mom creates a solution to make shopping with a special needs child easier

Shopping with kids can be tough. Shopping with a special needs kid can be tougher. This mom created a solution.


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