Dancing babies and moms helping moms: the best in parenting this week

I learned something this week… If someone would just play a Bruno Mars song to wake me up daily, my life would be more awesome. (Hello husband!?) While I can’t convince spouses everywhere to jump on board, I can give you a few laughs from the best in parenting this week.

1. Baby wakes up dancing to Bruno Mars

This baby has the right idea on starting the day off right.


2. The Goldfarb twins perform ‘Love Is An Open Door’ with mom in the backseat

This version might be better than the original viral video from the “Good Looking Parents.”


3. One mama helps another exhausted mama out

Mom and radio host Tara Jean posted this on Facebook and her story went viral. When an exhausted mama feel asleep at a kid’s play place, Tara Jean watched her daughter while she slept. Instead of judging her for falling asleep, she pitched in by giving her daughter water and watching out for her. Let’s all take note and pay this sentiment forward!


4. Dads be like…

I don’t know why this is so funny, but it just is.



5. The Real Story Behind Good Looking Parents Sing Disney’s Frozen

These good looking parents made a parody video that shows what the “real” good looking parents might have gone through to film their viral video. Pretty funny.


6. No idea what you’re talking about

This is the world “we” live in.



7. Jenny McCarthy Anti-vaccination Twitter slam

Jenny McCarthy asks a benign question on Twitter and tweeps respond with funny pro-vaccination messages.


8. #ToddlerProblems

Toddler problems: sometimes horrifying, sometimes hilarious, but always relatable. Check out this roundup for a laugh and a “Yep, mmmhmmm.”


9. Photos that prove why babies need pets

What’s cuter than cute babies? Cute babies and cute puppies. Number fifteen is especially adorable! And if you can’t get enough, check out more pics here.


10. A little something for the mamas

You’re welcome.

porn for women


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  1. I love all of these especially the video of the parents performing the song from Frozen. I enjoyed seeing how much fun they were having together and #10, the awesome pic of the hunky man with his baby!! Thanks for sharing!


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