Big sister farts and dance like a 4-year-old: the best in parenting this week

What better way to welcome the news of a new sibling than with some farts? One new sister is happy to share—literally everything. That and more in the best in parenting this week.

1. Big sister, big flatulence

There are a bazillion ways to tell your little one they are going to be a big sibling, but how many of them react this way? Don’t worry, sister, siblings won’t stand in your way!


2. Princess Uncle Jesse

When one little girl wanted to dress up to go to a movie theater showing “Cinderella,” she was scared to do it alone. Step in her Uncle Jesse, who knew the solution.


3. Dad Elsa

While we’re on the topic of awesome dudes, here’s a dad who wore an Elsa costume while his daughter was Olaf. BEST DAD EVER?!


4. Bye, caffeine

What’s it like being a parent? “It’s like being caffeine-deprived for 18 years.” Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis visit new The Late Late Show host James Corden to talk about babies, parenting, and some other things parents do.


5. The vaccine war

Frontline launched this one-hour special, along with a multitude of supporting documents, about the latest chapter in the vaccine war. Are personal preferences putting public health at risk?


6. “Raising Ryland”

What do you do when your young daughter proclaims “I’m a boy!” at only three years old? This touching story shares how one family adjusted to transgender at a very young age and how it changed their lives.


7. Dance like a 4-year-old

Or better yet: dance like this 4-year-old, Heaven.


8. One day welcome

This beautiful photo series shows new mothers and their day-old babies.


9. Your fault!

“I wouldn’t let her play with steak knives,” “I built him a fort, and he immediately destroyed it,” “I wouldn’t let him eat cookies.” What reason is your child throwing a tantrum, and why is it all. your. fault?


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Dori Zinn is the Associate Editor at Bundoo and dances like the preschoolers not featured on Ellen.


  1. #7 just made my day! Thank you for sharing that!!


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