Motherhood, Mean Girls, and Taylor Swift the miracle worker: the best in parenting this week

We’ve got Taylor Swift stopping babies from crying plus another one who can cry on command! And see how you can officially apply all those Mean Girls quotes to your everyday parent life! Plus so much more in this jam-packed awesome baby roundup this week.

1. Jimmy Kimmel: here are doctors telling you to get vaccinated

“I’m here because you listened to some moron who read a forwarded email.” Jimmy Kimmel got a bunch of real doctors to tell you about vaccines so maybe you won’t “listen to your friend’s Facebook page.” Fun follow-up: when Kimmel read his own mean tweets about his recent vaccine stance. Keep in mind that even some docs don’t agree with Kimmel’s approach, though.


2. Work it, mama!

Dolce & Gabbana got a bunch of moms to strut their stuff down a Milan runway. How cool? Celebrate your mom today.


3. When toddlers interrupt

Many parents take to the home to work once they have children, but that doesn’t mean working from home is actually easy now.


4. Mean Girls and motherhood

You quote it anyway, right? Why not make it in direct relation to your kids? Read these awesome Mean Girls quotes as they apply to parents. Because you like, invented her. You know what I mean?


5. Taylor Swift: miracle worker

If Taylor Swift can live in New York City alone, what surprise is it that her music can stop crying babies? See for yourself.


6. “I’m Sorry, Moms”

Let’s just have some real talk for a minute: some people hate moms. Many workplaces still don’t aid new mothers as they return to work, and some don’t even offer any paid time off while they were… you know… birthing a person. But there are some people who recognize this in themselves and realize what a gross mistake they are making. Read how it took one woman to realize this once she actually had a child.


7. No lessons in loving

You can teach a dog to sit, to fetch, and to even poop outside! But the love a dog has for another being is just understood. Charlie the Beagle has been the babysitting dog for quite some time, but here is a compilation of some of his sweet, tender moments of just being BFFs with his human.


8. Cold weather sucks

The Holderness family is back with this adorable parody about how some people (let’s just point at me) just don’t know how to winter. I have been in Florida 21 years, so anything below 60 calls for close-toed shoes and a scarf (here people use scarves as accessories, not as a warmth mechanism).


9. Share like a kid

What happens when two kids sit down for a snack, but only one of them was given food? Watch to see how awesome kids are when faced with the (not-so-hard) decision to feed a friend.


10. Vince Vaughn and Frozen Behavioral Disorder

What are our daughters learning from Frozen? Apparently Vince Vaughn’s 4-year-old Elsa-acting is making him question his parenting.


11. Like father, like son

Thanks, dad, for teaching your son to cry when you cry! But seriously, though, look how early they start tricking you into thinking something is wrong just because they feel like it…


12. Man vs. Pregnant Woman

One would think pregnancy was hard enough on a woman, eh? But no. This guy thought it’d be clever to mess with his pregnant wife—even through labor! Who has a partner like this?


13. Pass the ketchup

breastfeeding baby thighs


14. Hello, Jacob

Watch one family’s steps as they meet their adopted newborn son. Also, who is cutting those onions?!

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