Pregnancy dances and when to not “Let It Go.” The best in parenting this week

What’s new this week? Tina Fey impersonates her toddler and dads are on the front lines of parenting. If only we could get the media and the Internet trolls to cut pregnant and breastfeeding moms some slack!

1. How I feel after putting the kids to bed

Can you relate? I know I can…



2. Dad’s baby-inspired workout

This dad steals workout moves from his baby, and they’re AWESOME.


3. Dear Son: It Was An Honor To Hold You

Tommy from Life of Dad wrote a beautiful tribute to his son. This post’s raw emotion will move you to tears and leave you with a new respect for pregnancy loss.


4. 8 hilarious pregnancy dancing GIFs

Who says you can’t shake it when you’re pregnant? Not these women. (I’ve been guilty of a few of these!)

classic white girl dance


5. Tina Fey’s impersonates her toddler and it’s hilarious

I love Tina Fey, and when she talks about being a mom I love her even more! Her impression of her toddler is a trip (starts at 2:00).


6. Spread the word to end the word

Have you said the #rword lately? The campaign to end the r-word is gaining lots of attention this week as celebs are signing on to “spread the word to end the word.” Learn more about this amazing campaign.


7. ‘Hey, I just met you, this is crazy … my name’s Harper, and I’m your baby!’

When an annoying pop songs meets an army dad seeing his daughter for the first time, adorable things happen.


8. Jimmy Fallon does “Let It Go”

Last week we shared Deva Dalporto’s mom parody of “Let It Go,” and this week we have Jimmy Fallon with Idina Menzel and The Roots singing “Let It Go” with preschool instruments.


9. When you shouldn’t “Let It Go”

Letting go just isn’t ideal in some situations…


10. Dads stand up for Project Breastfeeding

In a project that aims to educate men and empower women, dads are modeling with the message “If I could, I would.” Big chest bump/high five/cheers! to this project.


11. “Normal Barbie” coming to a store near you?

Nickolay Lamm is crowdfunding his dolls, which are Barbie-like dolls designed to represent what women actually look like. Check ‘em out here and support the project.


12. Can you please stop shaming pregnant women, Fashion Police?

There needs to be police for E!’s Fashion Police. This week, they shamed pregnant Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth’s pregnant and stunning wife, for the dress she wore to the Oscars. I think she looks fabulous. Even if she didn’t look great, she’s CARRYING TWINS, PEOPLE, so leave her alone.


13. Miami Dolphins player defends his girlfriend for posting a breastfeeding picture on Instagram

Model Ashley Nicole, girlfriend of Dolphins player Philip Wheeler, posted a breastfeeding pic this week. Wheeler went to bat for her when Internet trolls lashed out.

“Normal Barbie” via


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  1. I think Elsa Pataky looks amazing! She is ALL belly! However, I do agree that it is the wrong dress. 🙁


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