A day in the life of a 5-month-old and being toddlered: the best in parenting this week

When have you ever not spoken the words you thought your baby would say when they cry or coo? One dad shares what life is like for an infant, and later, some parents tear up when reading letters from their kids about what they think of them.

1. A day in the life of a 5-month-old

I’m not sure I know of a parent that hasn’t created words for their children based on their screams and facial expressions. This dad’s video is hilarious and pretty spot on.


2. Pee’d

One grandma-to-be is pretty excited to discover her daughter is having a baby. Maybe her daughter should’ve told her to use the bathroom before cooking.


3. Breastfeeding and over-sharing

Last week, we showed you one mom who isn’t afraid to show just how non-glamorous parenting can get. This week, the mom wrote a piece on the Huffington Post addressing the backlash she received on social media. Even our very own Dr. Jen Lincoln had something to say. Breastfeeding? Of course! But do you need to do it like that?


4. Parenting war stories

From baby poop to lovies to flying with babies. Watch as these parents share their kid horror stories and be sure to share yours in the comments.


5. Life-saver

Chris Pratt’s son thinks his dad is a firefighter (2-minute mark). Now if only his kid could get a job…


6. Partners are parents

The good news: this women-led law firm puts parenting above partnership. The bad news: why aren’t more companies doing this?


7. One for the parents

I don’t know if it’s possible for you to watch this and not fall absolutely in love with Disney songs sung to 90s hits. A few in the Bundoo offices have watched it more than once (OK it was me! Stop judging!).


8. Movin’ on!

This 5-year-old explains the rough life of a child. “I’ve been in this house WAY TOO LONG! I’m going to Jenn’s!” Jenn, of course, is her best friend. And why she’s moving is top-notch. She’s my new best friend.


9. #doingood

A little tug-at-the-heartstrings moment: watch as parents read letters from their kids about what they think of them. If you don’t cry you have no heart.


10. Noah returns!

I’m kind of in love with 5-year-old Noah Ritter, so this should come as a shock to no one that a.) Ellen brought him back for another segment, and b.) I have it on the blog this week. I hope he and Macey grow up and fall in love and then I think my heart would burst.


11. Toddlered



12. Victoria Beckham on her family

Beckham is a fairly private person and doesn’t do many interviews. So this one with Ellen is rare. She talks about her kids in a way most celebrities don’t. Did you know their oldest son actually has a job?


13.  Take it from a 7-year-old

Need to talk to your kids about how they were made? Here’s some guidance from a kid with two moms.


14. What’s better than twins? 

One couple already told their friends and family they were having twins. So at the big gender reveal, they showed off the genders of both the babies everyone knew about, and then gave them all a big surprise.


15. Tim McGraw breaks

When talking about his oldest daughter, who is leaving for college in a few months, singer Tim McGraw talks about what it means to him and his family. Beware you may get a tad teary.


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