Meet the coolest new mom and more of the best in parenting this week

I have a new mama crush this week. A baby reminded me why it’s ridiculous to fight my Friday night urge to sleep just to stay up late. I had quite a few laughs at parenting memes. Enough about me… what’s new with you this week?

1. Emily Blunt: the coolest new mom on the block

Who knew Emily Blunt was so funny? After watching her on Ellen, she’s my favorite new mama. Watch and you’ll love her, too, after her explanation of why breastfeeding is like a horror movie.


2. Girl, please

This newborn was born with an attitude and a penchant for fashion.



3. Twins born holding hands

Newborn girls born in Ohio last week were born holding hands. A picture is worth a thousand words.


4. Explaining time to toddlers

Explaining time is one of the many impossible and hilarious conversations parents have with their toddlers and this video nails it. “How about the day after that?” So funny.


5. Pumpers be like

One awesome Facebook mama made this and I couldn’t help but laugh, and then share.



6. Baby vs. Sleep

Ever try really hard to stay up and do something fun when your body really just wants to go to sleep? This baby looks like me EVERY Friday night, trying to stay up and watch a movie with my husband after a long week.


7. Controversial breastfeeding ads

If you haven’t seen the “When Nurture Calls” ad campaign yet, check it out. Aiming to spread the message that breastfeeding mamas and babies deserve better, the ads display the harsh reality of what US women go through to breastfeed (hint: it’s not people who exhibit acceptance of public breastfeeding or a clean, comfortable, private environment to nurse).



8. Mom saves her toddler from a fire

An apartment fire put that “I’d do anything for my kids” mantra to the test for this mama, who saved her toddler’s life with her split-second decision to jump from a three-story window.


9. 4-year-old celeb style hacker

J.Crew ads and Ryan Gosling have nothing on this preschooler, whose adorable Instagram account features his style hacks for celebs and men’s fashion ads.


10. Cat meets baby for the first time

Newborns are cute, right!? Not if you’re a cat who has never seen one before.


11. Conceal your crafty spending

Because making things saves money, right!?



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  1. I was cracking up watching Emily Blunt on Ellen…she was hilarious!

    1. I know, right!?


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