Convos with toddlers and dancing moms: the best in parenting this week

From Stephen Colbert to booty-shaking mom accidents, if you like watching funny web videos you’re in luck this week. Plus, convos with my two-year-old is back with a very funny video on crack that’s all too relatable!

1. The real danger of moms who break it down

Most of us moms don’t shake our groove things in front of our kids because we wouldn’t approve of our kids doing it (or because we don’t know how but that’s a whole ‘nother story). But this woman’s practice to enter a harmless online dance-off for moms shows the very real danger of moms shaking it.


2. Colbert and the anti-vaxxers

Stephen Colbert stands up for vaccines in the best way- with hipster humor and an expert interview. Watch as he chats with Dr. Paul Offit and read our own interview with Dr. Offit.


3. “The Crack”: Convos with my 2-year-old is back

If your child hasn’t asked about their “bum crack,” she will. And thanks to this video, you’ll know how to handle it.


4. Dad’s adorable reaction to finding out he’s going to be a grandpa

Don’t you just want to hug this guy?


5. Conan’s Wikibear experiment reveals that the Internet is weird

Wikibear, revealed at the 2014 International Toy Fair, searches Wikipedia to answer your kids’ questions. Conan gave it a test and it turns out that the Internet really is a scary place. (I wouldn’t buy this for my kid, but I kind of want one for myself!)


6. Are baby bumps at the gym really a faux pas?

A pregnant woman was kicked out of Planet Fitness when the bottom of her baby bump was showing in her workout gear. To be fair, a follower on Instagram pointed out that the gym did offer her a free t-shirt to wear over her tank so she didn’t have to leave. Whose side are you on?


7. Is breastfeeding in the women’s locker room at the gym really a faux pas?

It’s not just the pregnant women who are having a hard time working out this week. This mama was banned from breastfeeding in an LA Fitness locker room. These two stories reveal that yes, gyms have policies. But you know what else this one reveals? They need better policies for moms!


8. Mother’s Day is almost here

Feeling exhausted? Looking forward to that one day of the year when you get a break? (Oh wait, that’s me…) We’ve curated our favorite gift ideas in the Marketplace and our favorite sentimental ideas on Pinterest, so drop some hints to your husband or send your own mama something special.


Have thoughts about breastfeeding in gym locker rooms? Did the video of the dancing mama crack you up? I want to hear about it! Leave a comment below.


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  1. Oh I can’t wait to explain the “crack” and all things related!! Love that Paul Offit segment too!

    1. It’s definitely an entertaining conversation. It really made me think, as in “Do I really know why it’s there?”

    1. Thanks, Kristen! So glad you enjoy it. Putting it together is a lot of fun and I couldn’t do it without my co-workers here at Bundoo who are always on the look out for fun & viral posts on the net, and from my mama friends who always send me the best stuff! If you see anything you think should be on here, tweet it to me during the week @bundoofamily.


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