How parents party and the SAHM conspiracy: the best in parenting this week

There is only one explanation for the gems in this week’s roundup: the Internet was subconsciously celebrating the holiday weekend a little early. Kick off your Memorial Day weekend right—with your feet up and a few laughs. Then go thank some military ladies and gentleman for their service!

1. To build or break a child’s spirit

Read this scenario-based blog post on how much the tone of our guidance matters to our children. Now this is a parenting philosophy I can buy into.


2. How parents party

In case your Memorial Day weekend isn’t what it used to be.



3. #BabyEyebrows

The baby eyebrow trend may be old, but it’s getting fresh update thanks to Instagram. Search #babyeyebrows for a laugh.

4. Cat can’t “Let It Go”

Ever want to turn out the lights on Frozen parodies?


5. Surprise! You’re going to be a Grandma!

Has a grandma-to-be EVER been more excited? (Not to mention that this thrilled,  super-animated woman reminds me so much of my own mama!)


6. Halle Berry’s hilarious breastfeeding reenactments

During an appearance on The Ellen Show, Halle Berry talks about her “geriatric pregnancy” in her late 40s and does a hilarious impression of the difference between breastfeeding a boy and a girl.


7. The SAHM Conspiracy

Staying at home with kids all day is an easy, sweet blessing, right!? This SAHM is speaking out against what she calls a conspiracy by sharing her thoughts on why SAHMs can’t explain what it’s really like. (Hint: “You can’t handle the truth!”)


8. Little girls react to seeing a dinosaur

Both reactions are legit.



9. 2-month-old says “I love you”

This baby is trying so hard to talk and she finally nails it.


10. Baby Claire doesn’t want to build a snowman

We hear ya, Claire.


11. A pregnancy announcement one-up

Because becoming a parent makes your life twist-turn upside down, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a great addition to a pregnancy announcement.


12. Jimmy Kimmel’s 6-year-old therapist

Six-year-old genius Arden Hayes is back with funny advice for Jimmy Kimmel.


13. Babes holding babies

Check out these 24 babes holding babies. Why? Why not, that’s why. And you’re welcome, ladies.


14. Chris Parnell’s new dad lullaby on the Maya Rudolph Show

“Some unknown viscous substance cakes the mattress in your crib and I love you.” Even funny dads have to learn the dad game.


15. Why I don’t take selfies

Maybe it’s because I’m too old. Maybe it’s because I’m not a hipster. Or maybe it’s because…




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    1. Couldn’t agree more with your comment!

    2. I’m not sure there is, either. Being a parent (working, working part time, SAH, etc.) is hard no matter how you slice it… But a lot of whether you’re happier one way or another depends on your personality and personal needs, too.


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