Toddler dance-offs and a diaper-changing dog: the best in parenting this week

This week it’s all about dogs, with sprinkles of dancing baby hilarity and moving stories. I am in awe of #2 and can’t stop replaying #1 over and over again. (It’s my job, right!? I take this blog very seriously.)

1. Cutest Korean baby AND best dancer

We all have things going for us, but we can’t have it all. Unless you’re this wee one who happens to be so stinkin’ cute and a fabulous dancer.


2. Diaper-changing dog

I love my dog. But after watching this, I’m thinking he needs to start earning his keep!


3. Secondary Drowning

A smart post on about secondary drowning was all over Facebook this week, leaving many parents with questions. Our pediatricians responded with advice on what you really need to know. Check it out and ask your own questions if you’re still left wondering.


4. 95 thoughts every parent has while potty training their kid

This list is funny, but it’s the GIFs that made me laugh out loud.


5. The cost of life

I’m hooked on reading this personal story about a reporter’s journey to donate her eggs.


6. How jealous is this dog of this baby?

From dog mama to real mama: sometimes dogs get jealous in the funniest way.


7. Quotes for mamas from Maya Angelou

The world lost an amazing woman this week. Mommyish created a fitting tribute with these 10 quotes. Numbers 5 and 7: amen to that.




8. He’s touching me!

Why is it funny when dogs do it but not when our kids do?



9. 38 insanely adorable ideas for your maternity photo shoot

Need some inspiration for your photo session? This list on Buzzfeed has some fun ideas. I’m loving #2.


10. Grumpy Cat believes in vaccinating

That’s one pro-vaxx cat.



Two high-fives to Associate Editor Dori Zinn for her Internet curating skills. Without them, this blog would be lame or I’d have to work a whole lot harder (of course the latter would happen; see intro above).



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  1. Great job, Stephanie! I especially (of course) love the quotes from Maya. I am planning on making a series of framed quotes for my daughter Maya’s room one day and got a couple more from that post. Yay!

    1. I love that you’re hanging Maya Angelou quotes in your daughter Maya’s room. What a great inspiration.

  2. Thanks for the laughs after a rough week in the world. Oh how I loved Maya Angelou! I saw her speak long ago when I was in college. I don’t remember much of what she said but I sure do remember how she made me feel. Phenomenal woman.

    1. And doesn’t your memory of her really add up to one of her most famous quotes!


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Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.