C-section secrets and the advantages of being a mother: the best in parenting this week

While we tend to celebrate mothers every day, we know this weekend is a big one, so we’re throwing in some extra goodies for the big day. Happy Mother’s Day!

1. Hello, Princess!

Hi Charlotte Elizabeth Diana! The royal newborn’s hospital bill is lower than an uninsured American baby. See why the royal family was in and out of the hospital in less than a day.


2. Being a mother is an advantage

Many mothers who attempt to return to the workforce after years of staying home and raising children run into many hangups—one is years of “lost time.” This touching video shows that mothers do have the experience, and they deserve the same opportunities as everyone else.


3. “Don’t make me turn this car around!”

Of course we all grow up to vow we will never say the things our parents said to us, only to actually do it. Here are some of the big ones.


4. C-section secrets

Do you know about how attached you’ll be to a catheter? Do you know how hard it will be just to walk? See the 9 things no one ever tells you about C-sections. C-sections are now one-third of all births in the US.


5. For your enjoyment

Writer Jason Feifer wanted to paint his wife’s belly a basketball after she said it was one. But then he saw that so many other people have done it and put all of that glory into one place: Pregnant Basketball. Enjoy.


6. Little being!

What happens when you become an aunt or an uncle? Basically it’s the best ever. Here are 19 things that happen when your sibling has a baby.


7. The meeting before the meeting

What mother doesn’t count down the days until she meets her child? This true story showcases how new technology can bring to life something so many mothers wait so long for. (Side note: get a tissue).


8. Go-go gadget baby!

Awesome list of things you’ll love as a new parent.


9. Technology: hours old

These parents used an Apple Watch to share the heartbeat of their newborn with their family.


10. Letters from Mom

Mother’s Day is a time we should all spend with our families, but it’s not just about children recognizing their mothers. It’s also about mothers recognizing their children. These lovely letters from mothers are what true motherhood is about.


11. TV time and parents

Why is late-night obsessed with kids and parents? I don’t know why it’s a question—I probably wouldn’t have a blog without them.


12. No Kids Allowed

Sometimes you have to take children somewhere and they have to be wonderful. Make that easier on yourself and others with this list on how to handle kids at weddings. (Great for adults, too!)


13. Breakfast babies

Turns out most babies are born between 8 a.m. and noon. They’re already planning brunch.


14. Labor Games

Of course you’re already kind of busy when you’re in active labor. So why not play on a game show while you’re at it? TLC is ready for you.


15. Twins, divided

One New Jersey mom requested child support for her children, only to find out the man she wanted it from was the father of only one of her twins, not both.


16. Three’s a crowd

It seems the average size of a family stops at two children. Most parents deem that to be plenty.


17. PPD, explained

Many people do not understand the severe problems of postpartum depression—even those experiencing it. This illustration gives a great visual about PPD.


18. Happy Mother’s Day

Read some of the best #MomQuotes, courtesy of Jimmy Fallon and Twitter.

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