Texts from babies and the absolute best in Mother’s Day memes

Sorry Dads, but it’s all about moms this week! Treat yo’ self to a few Mother’s Day laughs and “awww” moments.

1. ‘Convos With My 2-Year-Old’ takes on cooking with kids for Mother’s Day

This episode doesn’t disappoint, and it might be a glimpse into your near future when your wee ones cook something special for you for Mother’s Day.


2. Why wipe warmers exist

Babies have it hard. (Hat tip: How To Be A Dad.)



3. 19 Gifts no mom wants on Mother’s Day

Fingers crossed that none of you get these gifts on Sunday. Especially #8. Or #15. (But if you catch yourself in a #19 situation, click here for a last-minute gift idea!)


4. Pregnancy announcement Taylor Swift-style

This creative couple announced their pregnancy with a parody of Taylor Swift’s song “We Are Never, Ever, Ever, Getting Back Together.” Love how their baby seems to enjoy her role in the video!


5. Proof that daughters are awesome

This little girl is adorable, and her dance moves are awesome, too! Watch her break it down to “Happy” and see what she plans to give her mom for Mother’s Day.


6. Grumpy Cat does Mother’s Day

Would you expect anything different?


7. Mila Kunis admits pregnancy cravings, no epidurals

Grabbing the pickles? You’re not alone. Actress Mila Kunis dishes about her weird cravings (straight sauerkraut) and her plans for an all-natural birth: “I did this to myself I might as well do it right!”


8. Awkward Mother’s Day photos

Being a mom is tough, so give yourself a well-deserved laugh with these awkward family photos, Mother’s Day style. #8 and #12 gave me the biggest giggle.


9. 15 texts babies wish they could send

Forget “if babies could talk.” What about if babies could text?


10. What’s the most shocking thing your kids don’t know about you?

Jimmy Kimmel asks moms on the street this question. What would your mom confession be? (Watch the 2:14 one… That mama’s a firecracker!)


11. Brutally honest Mother’s Day cards from kids

Thankful children range from hilarity (“Thanks for not making your meatloaf anymore!”) to sweet (“You say I love you and I say I love you more and you say impossible.”) See the full list.


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