Dance parties and bib-stealing dogs: the best in parenting this week

You’re exhausted and haven’t been this excited about the upcoming weekend since 1999’s prom. Oh wait, that’s me… but you deserve a laugh, too. Have a few on us.

1. Thanks, but no thanks: why you should pass on the family help

Is your family legitimately helpful? Or does their “help” turn into a hot mess? Either way, this post is hilarious.


2. Daddy-daughter Smurf dance party

There’s nothing sweeter than a candid moment caught on film.


3. All kids have picky eating habits, but these 32 toddlers take the cake

“Hello, my name is Julia and tomorrow I will hate every food I liked today.” These parent submissions on their kids’ quirky eating habits will have you laughing and saying “Amen, sister” at the same time.


4. Woman tells her husband she’s pregnant & his reaction is the best

I dare you not to get teary-eyed.

5. The last generation of kids that played outside

“If we don’t remove easy entertainment from our children, they’ll never learn to create their own.” Powerful post with a reminder for this weekend (and every weekend).


6. I can only imagine this…

I will never look at these family pictures the same way again.

Via Pinterest


7. Baby + musical greeting card

Shake it, sister!


8. Paternity Leave: The Rewards and the Remaining Stigma

While this article exposes a sad reality, it is full of hope that the stigmas for both men and women will be slowly lifted as more executives speak out. After you read the article, make sure to check out the Facebook chat with the author.


9. No, dog, you cannot have my bib

Charlie the beagle is back and this time he wants baby’s bib.


10. Baby watches her viral “emotional baby video” and gets emotional again

A year after her viral video got 35 million+ views, this baby is still just the cutest.


11. Age in months

Non-parents just don’t understand. (But really, at what point should we stop with the months!?)

Via Pinterest


12. Where parents stand: 29 of the toughest parenting questions

Buzzfeed polled 117,000 parents and asked them where they stand on issues like spanking and breastfeeding. What surprised you the most?


13. A toddler’s compassion will make your heart melt

We’re not the only ones who are moved by the movies we watch.


14. Father sings to his dying newborn after his wife dies following childbirth

A more beautiful song has never been sung. Read the story here because I’m too speechless to explain.



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