The biggest struggles with bedtime and how kids view their bodies: the best in parenting this week

Welcome back, Coco! Conversations with my 2-year-old returns with the struggle with bedtime we all recognize. Plus Jimmy Kimmel’s amazing annual Halloween prank on kids will not disappoint.

1. 23 faces every parent will immediately recognize

I cannot stop laughing, and I can’t decide which of these I loved most… They are all hilarious and getting an amen and mmhmmm from me.


2. Bedtime

The moment we’ve (I’ve) been waiting for is here. “Convos With My 2-Year-Old” is back with a hilarious take on the stunts toddlers pull at bedtime.


3. Baby crawls, dog applauds

This baby crawling for the first time and the reward she gets from her dog is adorable.


4. Photo of college grad breastfeeding goes viral

As an MBA student who happens to be a pregnant mom of a five-year-old, I love this! It’s so tough to balance family with personal educational goals. How awesome that this mom found a college to support her life balance.


5. Return of Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween candy prank

Every year he challenges parents to prank their kids… And each year I feel just awful about laughing at the video. But the kids at :54, 1:54 and 2:04 are precious! I can’t help but wonder how my own kid would act.


6. Kids dancing to ‘Shake It Off’

Need a laugh? This montage of kids getting down to Taylor Swift’s new hit just might do the trick.

7. Changing your body: kids’ answers vs. adults’

If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be? Note the powerful difference between adult answers and the child ones.


8. Neat new iPad app plays off “playing store”

I haven’t downloaded this one yet, but it looks fun and educational. If your child loves playing “store,” why not sneak some lessons about money into the fun?


9. #ISupportYou Week

Did you know this week is #ISupportYou week? It’s not too late to do something to support another mom! Here are some great ideas on how you can help.


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