Jennifer Gardner’s “baby bump” and Frozen is real: the best in parenting this week

Baby bump? Try “I’ve had three kids” bump. One of the many refreshing sentiments this week, along with a laugh that can only be delivered by a grandma.

1. Jennifer Garner dishes on her “baby bump”

After hearing about her “baby bump” in the tabloids, she clears the air and admits that her bump (you know, that body change from having three kids!) is here to stay. Jennifer, we love you even more.


2. It’s not a headache, honey—9 reasons I want my sleep back 

It’s not you… it’s THEM. If you’ve ever been too exhausted to do anything (including THAT), then this one’s for you. And if you haven’t, can you share your secret, please!?


3. So… Hungry

I can relate. Can you?




4. Awesome Halloween costume ideas for siblings

Have two peas in a pod and looking for a fun costume theme? Here are some fun ones for siblings. (But keep it safe, people!)


5. Teen convinces his grandma Frozen is real

Kevin Droniak is hilarious, but his grandma is the real star.


6. 10 true things about the first year of parenthood

If you’re a new parent, read these 10 “aha moments” and feel instantly better.


7. Look, don’t touch

Two dogs who are taking their jobs seriously.




8. 31 soccer dads* who will make your heart melt

*Changed to protect the not naughty, but you’ll all enjoy this roundup from Buzzfeed.


9. Can toddlers really understand anger?

This study suggests that children as young as 15 months can tell when someone is angry and try not to repeat the offending behavior to keep that person from getting angry again.


10. 11-year-old’s got moves

I think I need a dance lesson from tween Taylor Hatala.


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