The best Dirty Dancing rendition done by a kid: the best in parenting this week

Dirty Dancing is dear to my heart. It’s been my favorite since kindergarten and I even watched it to get me through giving birth. I might be a bit biased, but my #1 video this week is impressive by any standard!

1. Charlie vs. Swayze

Charlie’s got moves. No, really, CHARLIE’S GOT MOVES. Just when I thought no one could do Patrick Swayze’s skills justice, this video surfaces and restores my faith in humanity.

And because I got sucked into the black hole we call the Internet, check out Charlie’s moves from toddlerhood!


2. “Toddler” [“Thriller parody”]

Zombies might not exist, but Mombies do. (The breastpump zombie is my personal favorite.)


3. I swear I want to eat fruit…

But what baby wants, baby gets.

but parents want fruit


4. Awesome no-carve pumpkin ideas for your kids

Does the idea of carving tools and toddlers terrify you? Don’t miss our kid-friendly ideas. (It’s a bonus that if you skip the carving route, the pumpkins last a lot longer!)

Photo: Reddit


5. 34 babies in Halloween costumes

Elton John and Toad from Mario Bros? Stop it!


6. 2x the cute: twin Halloween costumes

What’s cuter than a baby in a costume? Twin babies in costumes.


7. Teal pumpkin project

Make Halloween fun for kids with allergies by including non-candy treats for trick-or-treating, and paint a pumpkin teal so moms & dads will know your house is safe.


8. 5 things never to say to a new mom

“Whether your name is Not a Mom, Old Mom, or Just Plain Idiot, please take note of the following things you should never say to New Mom.” Hilarious and helpful.


9. Newborn’s crazy poop faces are adorable

At least this mama has one reason not to dread the poopy diaper change. (Keep watching; her face just gets better and better.)


10. 7 dumb parenting decisions that seemed like good ideas at the time

Ever start something with your kids and immediately wish you could take it back?


11. Equally confused

We all know someone who gets squirrelly when holding a new baby.

how i look when I hold a baby


12. What kids around the world eat for breakfast

A fascinating look at how what parents feed their children for breakfast differs around the globe.


13. Demi Lovato is engaged to a 5-year-old heartbreaker

What does a wee gentleman do when he’s in love with a superstar? He woos her with an on-stage proposal.


14. 23 Snapchats from toddlers

If these faux snaps are any indication of how fun Snapchat would be if toddlers were on it, it’s a shame screen-time is a no-no for wee ones. #11? Hilarious. #22? Adorable.


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