Toddler struggles and Halloween costumes for a lifetime: the best in parenting this week

Advice for delivery from Bill Murray? A list of toddler struggles that will make you laugh but will also help you sympathize with their frustration? It’s a crazy week in parenting this week.

1. How dads bathe babies

This mom caught her husband at his best.

2. 28 household items you can repurpose for your kids

#4 looks like a lifesaver and #21 is just awesome.


3. 6 things a parent of a colicky baby doesn’t want to hear

Amen, sister. Friends of parents with a colicky baby, take note.

4. L&D humor 

What can you say? It happens.

It happens


5. 8 super sexy (or not) Halloween costumes for moms

If you’re expecting french maids and sexy devils, think again. These are the real deal.


6. 11 awesome Halloween costumes that didn’t come from Frozen

Trying to convince your wee one to be something original instead of Elsa? Check out these hilarious ideas.


7. Willow and her lifetime’s worth of precious Halloween costumes

Photographer mom Gina Lee is on her second October of dressing toddler Willow up daily. ‘Precious’ just doesn’t even touch it. See all the pics here.


8. Realistic depictions of motherhood

Ahh, stock photos really “get” moms. Here’s hilarious proof.     


9. Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder honors doctor onstage

Need another reason to love Pearl Jam? After touring The University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital for his work with the non-profit EB Research Partnership (Vedder is co-founder), he used his stage to gain awareness for epidermolysis bullosa (EB). EB is a condition where layers of children’s skin don’t anchor together properly, leading to massive, painful blistering. See the whole story.  


10. Getting any sleep?

Of course not… we’re parents.

sleep well


11. Why every newborn you see on Facebook is wrapped in the same baby blanket

Ever wonder where those iconic blue and pink-striped hospital blankets come from?


12. 30 struggles only a 3-year-old would understand

#Firstworldtoddlerproblems are real. It’s tough being a toddler.


13. Dads and moms are equally stressed

This new poll shows that we really are in this thing together.


14. Katy Perry helps moms save Rainbow Chip Frosting

Tell your preschoolers that they can calm down now… it looks like Katy Perry’s influence just might save this old school favorite.

15. #ChangeLeave has started a campaign to urge American businesses to revamp parental leave policies.

16. The 7 types of parents you see at drop-off

From the “overly friendly parent” to the “disorganized parent,” these all sound familiar. Which one are you?


17. Jimmy Kimmel says Bill Murray’s parenting advice is ‘right on!’

When Kimmel’s wife was pregnant, Bill Murray gave him some wise advice for the delivery.


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