What you really think about after bedtime and “Let Me Poop!”: the best in parenting this week

This week in parenting, check out Breyers’ spot-on ad about what happens after the kids go down for the night and find out how one mom’s self-image is slowly getting wrecked by her four-year-old.

1. What parents really think about after bedtime

Alright, Breyers. It’s clear you’ve been sneaking into my house at night, because this is EXACTLY how things go down.

2. “Let Me Poop” [“Let It Go” Parody]

If this is what do kids do when they’re alone, I might need to set up a hidden camera in my kids’ rooms to capture the hilarity.

3. Momhead [insults from a preschooler]

“Your tummy looks like a bagel.” “Are you going to make yourself look great today or are you going to look like you always do?” Johanna Stein shares are the “innocent” insults her four-year-old spouts out at her, all before school drop-off.

4. Don’t worry, Mom!

I love pugs. And babies.

Pugs and baby meme

5. How your body image affects your daughter’s 

“The way a girl feels about her beauty starts with how you feel about yours.” Grab a box of tissues and get your life lesson for the week.

6. Boy born without fingers gets a cool “Iron Man” hand

Three-year-old Rayden was born with missing fingers because of Amniotic Band Syndrome. The charity E-Nabling the Future creates prosthetic hand devices for children around the world and developed an amazing Iron Man hand for Rayden. So cool!

7. Ben Affleck’s son calls Jimmy Fallon “the man”

Are Ben Affleck’s kids impressed that he’s playing Batman? Not so much…but they think Jimmy Fallon’s parody of “Let It Go” is awesome. Proof that no matter how cool we are, we’re never that cool to our kids.

8. Creative but easy Halloween costumes for pregnant women

What’s a pregnant gal to do when she can’t fit into any Halloween costume ever? Create one that only a pregnant gal can sport, that’s what. Here are some fun ideas that don’t require the skills of your high school art teacher to pull off.

9. He’s not scary; he’s just a little boy

This mom’s plea to other moms is one we all desperately need to hear for the sake of a million little boys and girls who look different (and their parents, too).

10. The day my son gave up on me

This really puts bedtime into perspective. I’m cuddling longer and keeping a patient heart this week.

11. Bento Monsters

There are times when other parents can make you feel ashamed with their overachievements…and there are times when you’re too stunned and amazed to worry about how you stack up. These Bento Monsters lunches definitely fall into the latter category.

12. I don’t always lounge…

But when I do, I’m precious.

Baby lounge in a basket meme

13. How American parenting is killing the American marriage

Whether or not you believe in the notion that modern parenthood has become a “religion,” this read will have you thinking long after you’re done.

14. Princess Rap Battle: Snow White vs. Elsa

Watch this one without the kids; these laughs are for the grown-ups.

15. How a mother’s neglect affects a baby

Babies are really responsive to social interaction. This “still face” experiment shows just how much stress neglect causes a baby. A fascinating reminder of how important our warmth and love are to a baby’s development.


16. Halloween inspiration

Looking for DIY Halloween costume ideas, crafts or decor ideas? Check out our Pinterest board!


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