Handling the Elsapocalypse and the mushiness of Ashton Kutcher: the best in parenting this week

This week goes out to all of you moms and dads who’ve spent the last week stressing over costume accessories, convincing your daughter to be anything but Elsa, baking cookies and cupcakes for class parties, and running from one Halloween parade to another. To cure your exhaustion, we have all treats this week. No tricks. Promise.

Speaking of treats, if you haven’t entered our Halloween giveaway yet to win an iPad mini and bootiful baskets of BabyLegs, what are you waiting for? (You can’t hear me, but I really channeled my inner Anna Faris in Scary Movie for that one.)


1. 15 Halloween costumes that truly terrify parents

These blogger-created costume scenarios really get to the heart of what keeps us up at night.


2. Nap. Then jam.

This little girl is precious, and her taste in music is impeccable (I’m really digging this Ed Sheeran song right now!).


3. How to handle Elsapocalypse

Jimmy Kimmel illustrates how to react to the mass number of Elsas you’ll meet tonight. (Conceal. Don’t feel. Don’t let it showwwwww.)


4. Ashton Kutcher is a new dad and it’s adorable

Ashton Kutcher shares his new dad mushiness with Conan. (PS: Ashton and Mila don’t have a nanny or night nurse. Refreshing.)


5. It’s a tragedy

In our world, crying over spilled milk is perfectly acceptable.



6. Blame it on the ghost

You have to give this girl kudos for creativity and mad negotiation skills, but she’s still in big trouble.



7. Apparently, the Texas State Fair is fun

Ellen sends “Apparently Kid” Noah Ritter to the Texas State Fair. His report does not disappoint (you have to watch through 4:31). Pretty sure the term “he’s a character” was made for kids like him!


8. A Frozen kind of delivery

What’s worse than childbirth? Childbirth with your husband singing “Let It Go.” Singer Robbie Williams tries to lighten the mood, except his wife doesn’t want any of it.

9. Bakery makes huge gender reveal mistake

Let’s talk about the risks of trusting your baker with a gender reveal cake. How upset would you be?


10. When it’s ok to use the “R-word”

Don’t know what the “r-word” is? Good. You’re probably not using it. Love this chart that shows you when it’s appropriate to say it (hint: NEVER).


11. Small children + T-rex

Those rare independent play moments…



12. ‘This Is How We Do’ Parenting Parody

How do moms get things done? Like this. (The mom unloading the car cracked me up. We just refuse to make more than one trip!)


13. Things not to say to a pregnant woman

This off-beat video from staffers at The Atlantic exposes the worst reactions to your pregnancy.


14. JT is going to be a dad… maybe

At least one of our team members here at Bundoo is pretty devastated about this might-be-true rumor, but I’m excited for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. No ‘cry me a river’ here. Jessica, ‘rock your body,’ because we can’t ‘take back the night.’ Must have been the ‘suit and tie’ that did it. (Couldn’t resist!)


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