Toddler dance-offs and modern fatherhood: the best in parenting this week

Hilarious dance moves are all the rage this week, and I still can’t stop laughing.

1. Daddy, daughter dance to ‘Shake it Off’

Beginning at around 0:43, I started cracking up and haven’t stopped. What can I say? I dig their moves. Thanks to Shelley S. for posting!


2. How Alec Baldwin is like a toddler

What’s the difference between working with Alec Baldwin and dealing with a three-year-old? According to mama Tina Fey, not much. She dishes on potty training and play time and preschool in her typical hilarious spirit.


3. Little boy’s wedding dance moves

I don’t know what’s funnier… This adorable boy’s moves or the narrator’s commentary!


4. They tell us it’s a girl…

So funny!

ultrasounds do not look like kids


5. People without kids have better lives—except for this one major thing

Ever feel jealous of your friends who don’t have kids? Turns out you shouldn’t be.


6. The great parenting mystery

They’re crazy, but we love ‘em! (Thanks to Lauren at Oh, Honestly! for this one.)

sell your kids to the circus


7. A toddler’s review of the iPhone 6

What will your kid love about the new iPhone?


8. 21 photos that depict true modern fatherhood

Love these pictures, that show how awesome (involved and anything but clueless) today’s dads really are.


9. What 7 P.M. looks like for parents across the country

Ever wonder what other families’ routines are like? Here’s a peek.


10. Beagle wants baby to have a ball pit

Charlie the beagle thinks baby would love a ball pit, so he does what any dog would do… he creates one! (This dog also wants to tuck baby into bed!)


11. “Apparently Kid” goes on Ellen

“Apparently Kid” Noah Ritter appeared on the Ellen show, and he has a new word.


12. Toddlers are better at math than we think

This new study proves that toddlers are better at math, and more logical, then we might have expected.


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    1. That’s awesome! Did your girls like the first video? You’ve inspired me to show it to my daughter. I’d better warn dad that she might start asking for a horse mask. 🙂

      1. yes they loved it! But they were bummed their daddy doesn’t dance. lol!


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