This week in parenting: R2D2 baby and a man’s take on your pregnancy

1. Babies be like…

The best six seconds of my week this week, hands down.

2. You made me a mother

Boba manages to capture a mama’s feelings toward her child beautifully. Watch this on the days you’re losing sanity.

3. The 19 stages of pregnancy from a man’s perspective

Buzzfeed does a pretty good job explaining how dads-to-be feel about pregnancy. I think #1 on this list might be my favorite, but it’s a tough call.

4. Mindful parenting

From the Time magazine cover to Bundoo A-Z, mindful parenting has been all the rage this week. If you’re wondering what it is, here’s a rundown.

 5. R2-D2 has never been so cool

Reddit user wspiercy didn’t want people feeling sorry for his son, who needed to wear a helmet to treat his plagiocephaly. What’s a dad to do? Create an enviable helmet, that’s what.


 6. New guidelines for autism diagnosis

New criteria for autism spectrum disorders in the DSM-5 has parents wondering how these changes may affect their child. Learn about the changes here.

7. Baby and dog plotting against parents

You want your dog to bond with your baby, but what happens when they get too close?


8. 21 amazing parenting apps that will make your life easier

The app store is full of so many choices that it’s overwhelming. This list includes fun apps for kids and helpful apps for you as parent, too.

9.  Pregnant women can now 3D-print their unborn fetus for $600

Have you ever thought, “Hey! It would be awesome if I had a 3-D figurine of my unborn baby!” Me either, but each to their own. Check it out here.

10. Wrecking Ball baby

Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be great to have the baby with the viral Wrecking Ball car karaoke video recreate it on his show. Did little Sophia perform? Watch to find out but let me just say she is ADORABLE.

 11. Your favorite postpartum friend is hazardous to your health

Some of us need a little extra help from our friend Spanx. But new reports are saying they are harmful to your digestive system and can even encourage incontinence! Eek!

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About Stephanie Winans, President, Pregnancy and Pediatrics

Stephanie Winans is the Bundoo Vice President of Operations.


  1. I totally need to start drafting our family policy for Twerking-lol! Hilarious!

    1. Ha! I thought that was funny, too. Let’s hope twerking isn’t a fad by the time our kids grow up!

  2. Sweet Sophia! And the 19 stages of pregnancy made me laugh out loud a few times! I’m pretty sure moms-to-be go through at least half of those stages as well!

    And Spanx are hazardous to your health. I stopped wearing mine a long time ago (well, when I got pregnant…haha), but I haven’t put them on again. I noticed my stomach would hurt after wearing them for just a few hours. I never wore them often anyway, but it wasn’t really worth the pain once I realized what was doing it.


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Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.