When the tooth fairy invades

A first loose tooth is a big deal in the life of a 6-year-old. And the day it falls out is up there with the first word, first steps, and first day of kindergarten. But my practical, overly dramatic 6-year-old was not so sure about the whole idea.

In fact, he was so uncertain of the whole thing that he refused to even entertain the idea of pulling it. And so, months after the first signs of a wiggle, the tooth decided to put my son out of his misery and anti-climactically just fell out on its own. Needless to say, my husband and I were ecstatic that the drama of the first loose tooth was over.

Or so we thought…

We headed to bed that night excited that the tooth fairy was on her way. My son carefully wrapped up his precious tooth in a tissue, taped it closed, and tucked it neatly under his pillow. How much would she leave him? Would he see her? What does she look like? His questions were endless as he climbed excitedly into bed. My only thought was, “Don’t forget to put money under the pillow. Don’t forget to put money under the pillow.”

The imagination of a 6-year-old reaches far and wide, and in the darkness of the night, images of a stranger with large flapping wings entering his bedroom and reaching under his pillow was decidedly unappealing. After about five minutes of thought, my son raced through the house and stumbled down the stairs with a panicked look on his face, demanding that the tooth be taken far far away from his room.

It took a great deal of debate to decide upon the final resting place of the tooth. I sacrificially offered up my own pillow, telling my son that I was rather excited to meet the tooth fairy.  After much thought, he decided that my room was much too close to his, offering him a potential view of the winged intruder as she flew up the stairs.

We finally settled on the front porch outside, gently placing the carefully wrapped tooth behind the potted plant and securely locking the front door behind us. The drama of the evening faded as I saw the relief in the face of my son, maturing before my eyes but yet so childlike and innocent in that moment, safe once again from the dangers of the unknown.

And yes, I remembered to put the money under the pillow…er, plant.

About Dr. Kristie Rivers, Bundoo Pediatrician

Dr. Kristie Rivers is a Bundoo Pediatrician.


  1. Kids are too funny. Although, I somehow always thought the Boogie Man was a guy covered in boogers. I was scared to death he’d emerge from my closet (or from under the bed) and flick one on me! No idea where I got that idea…

    1. I thought that too as a child!

  2. Love this story! I laughed out loud reading it…and I think I see where your son gets his imagination!

  3. So funny! Have never heard of a child being afraid of the tooth fairy… but now that I think about it, the tooth fairy (and Santa and the Easter bunny) is a very odd tradition and it’s surprising more kids don’t think it’s frightening!


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