Editorial Policy

Bundoo’s editorial and advertising policy

Bundoo is dedicated to providing evidence-based information that parents can rely on, as well as an opportunity for parents to interact directly with our Bundoo doctors and healthcare experts and each other. There are several types of content on Bundoo, including content produced by our Bundoo doctors and healthcare experts as well as our editorial team, user generated content, and advertiser-supported content. Our aim is to always make it clear where the content on the site came from.

Bundoo’s Content

Our editorial team is committed to producing the best parenting content possible. Bundoo’s content is written or reviewed by experts before publication. After publication, our content is regularly reviewed by clinicians and subject matter experts to ensure it’s timely and current. The reviewer name and date of review is included at the bottom of each article.

In some cases, Bundoo Experts might discuss branded products in first-person blogs. These mentions are not paid endorsements and are based on the expert’s personal and clinical opinion. When it comes to sourcing our articles, we rely on information from respected public health institutions, peer-reviewed publications, government agencies, and organizations like the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP).

Alongside of our Bundoo A-Z Library content, you will also find content generated by our members (user-generated content). User-generated content includes member posts in the Bundoo Community and comments posted by users underneath Bundoo content like articles, slideshows, questions of the day, and other types of content. While Bundoo does monitor user-generated comments for objectionable content, these comments express the opinions of their authors and not endorsed by Bundoo or Bundoo experts.

Bundoo experts and doctors, however, are frequently active on comment threads—you can always tell these comments because they are enclosed in a green box and identify the commenter as a Bundoo Expert.


Bundoo invites carefully selected sponsors and advertisers to work with us to help make it possible for us to continue providing excellent, non-biased information free to parents and families.

Our Editorial Policy is that Bundoo’s editorial and medical team retains the final say over all of our internally produced content.

As part of working with sponsors and advertisers, Bundoo offers several types of content partnerships. They include:

Supported Content

Bundoo allows approved advertisers to include their branding on existing Bundoo A-Z articles through our Supported Content program. These programs are identified by the phrase “Supported By” at the top of the article, along with the advertiser’s logo. There will also be a brief description of the supporter in an About Us box at the bottom of the video, article, slideshow, or other type of content.

In some cases, an advertiser may suggest developing new content in a broad topic area. In all cases, Bundoo retains full editorial control over published content, and advertisers do not review Bundoo Supported content before it’s published. All Bundoo A-Z content upholds our rigorous editorial standards and goes through the typical Bundoo medical review.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content includes content that has been supplied and produced by an outside source, including an advertiser or partner. It will be identified as “Sponsored Content” at the top of the piece and include the company’s logo, as well as a sentence identifying it as sponsored content. This type of content is not reviewed or written by Bundoo’s medical team.

The Bundoo Blog

Bundoo is proud to produce a blog that has varying viewpoints from our doctors and experts as well as external contributors and advertisers. On the Bundoo Blog, you’ll find several types of clearly identified content:

  1. Bundoo internal bloggers. These are Bundoo employees who write about topics that interest them. Bundoo bloggers are always identified by their title as a Bundoo doctor or expert.
  2. Guest bloggers. Guest bloggers are identified by their title and bio. Guest bloggers are invited to participate in the Bundoo Blog because our editorial team feels they have something interesting to share with our audience.
  3. Sponsored blogs. These blogs are clearly identified as Sponsored by an advertiser. Sponsored Blogs will feature the company’s logo and a “Supporter’s Box” at the bottom of the blog, as well as a sentence identifying it as sponsored content and links to the sponsor’s website. These blogs will be bylined by the Sponsor and are not written or reviewed by Bundoo’s healthcare experts.

Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.

Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.