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We partner with employers to improve pregnancy and pediatric outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and increase employee satisfaction.

A Comprehensive Maternity & New-Parent Benefits Solution


Our Ask a Doctor service provides private answers from OB/GYNs and Pediatricians to mom’s questions about her pregnancy and her baby’s health

Evidence-Based Content

Bundoo articles are written and reviewed by doctors and healthcare professionals who respond to mom’s comments, so she always leaves Bundoo with confidence

Moderated Communities

Doctor-moderated forums, public or private, are where moms receive accurate information and get the support they need from other parents

Engaging Moms, Impacting Families



Sharing the information moms need to manage pregnancy, from prenatal care and risk identification to health complications and postpartum care



Supporting children from birth to kindergarten with breastfeeding, nutrition, sleep, acute and chronic illness, and serious health issues



Helping parents with discipline, mental health, sex, marriage, and the transition back to work

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Ready to reduce healthcare costs, increase female talent retention and enhance your brand equity? Give your employees direct access to doctors with Bundoo.

Stephanie Winans
President, Pregnancy & Pediatrics