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Can I give my newborn water?

Can I give my newborn water?

No, you shouldn't give your newborn water because breast milk or formula are better options.

You do not need to give your newborn water. Breast milk and formula, give your newborn all the water he or she needs at this age. More importantly, your baby needs all the energy, protein, and vitamins that are present in every gulp of milk. Giving your baby water will only replace that special liquid with something less nutritious.

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  1. My mother says that I should give my 6month water to relieve her constipation, is that true. I’m a first time mom, and I hear different things from everyone.

  2. I would feed my little one both Formula and breastmilk, her lips were so dry from been dyhydrated i gave her water and she doesnt have any problems she right back on track with her growing.

  3. I agree with you. I was told before though that I was ”overfeeding” my baby and that I needed to offer him water instead of my breastmilk/formula. Because he was eating so often. I tried it, but he would not take it. He’d cry because he wanted his milk so I kept it that way. Water would only keep him satisfied for a little bit anyway.