What should you pack in your child’s travel bag?

With the holidays coming up, many of you will be traveling with your toddlers for the very first time. An airplane ride with a toddler can be daunting, if not downright scary.

Here are some of our must-haves when traveling with toddlers.

  • Look for a backpack that is lightweight and, if possible, washable.
  • Make sure you have a pair of headphones for your child, something that can be plugged into devices as well as the airplane.
  • Travel Toobs are toys big enough to play with but small enough to carry around.
  • Every toddler needs crayons and markers, so pick up Crayola's Color Wonder, where the markers color nothing but the paper.
  • Hoping your toddler takes a snooze? Pack a swaddle blanket that's easy to travel with and, of course, washable.
  • Stickers are great, unless they stick on other places. Shoot for reuseable stickers and even sticker books with themes, like this airport sticker fun book.
  • Toddlers are definitely going to explore the airport and airplane bathrooms, so grab potty seat covers.

Reviewed by Dr. Eva Benmeleh, September 2020


  1. Every time we travel I bring plenty of wipes and anti bacterial soap! I like the idea of buying the color wonder markers. When we were moving and driving for a while my two year old at the time enjoyed coloring all over the inside of the car door and window. My two girls are 2 and 4 now so we bought them the travel suitcases on wheels that they can pull. They really enjoy them and these are the perfect size for all of their belongings!

  2. We are getting ready to travel again for the holidays and I enjoyed all these tips !

    1. Oh and I forgot wipes and hand sanitizer either in your bag or their backpack!

  3. Post it notes and masking tape! My toddler loves this on planes (coloring, sticking, ripping etc), and they are easy to remove. Then I used the masking tape to help tape curtains into place at our hotel. And in an extreme emergency I could tape his mouth shut (just kidding!!!!).

    1. Dr. Jen- you crack me up! But post-its and tape are great ideas!

  4. Great tips! I haven’t tried headphones with my son yet, but I think he would love them.


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Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.