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Should breastfeeding hurt?

Should breastfeeding hurt?

While it is normal to have some soreness in the first few days, persistent pain is a sign something is not right.

Sore nipples are a very common problem for breastfeeding moms, and sadly a reason many women stop breastfeeding. Transient soreness is entirely normal. This is pain with initial latch that lasts about 20-30 seconds. This peaks around three to six days after nursing has begun, but gets better after that and is normal. Any pain that lasts for an entire feed or persists beyond that first week is a reason to get help quickly — something is not right (such as a shallow latch, tongue tie, etc) and needs to be fixed before any nipple damage occurs! Be sure to contact your local lactation consultant if you are having these issues, so they can get you the assessment and help you need.

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  1. For the first two weeks of my first born, breastfeeding was very painful. She latched on wrong and this made my nipples sore but I did find that Lanolin cream did help. With the second baby I hurt a little bit but not nearly as bad!

  2. I have pain for 30-60 seconds when feeding my 2 weeks old. Should this pain go away? Or is this short amount of pain normal for the duration of breast feeding? Thanks.

    1. It is hard to say without knowing more – it could be just the initial latch that can be toe-curling in the first week or two (to say the least!), but it could also be a sign of some other red flags (such as shallow latch, yeast infection, etc) . To really help you get to the bottom of this, I need to ask you a few personal questions. Consider using Ask Bundoo so I can be of more help to you! It can be found at