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Will eating beets turn my child’s urine pink?

Will eating beets turn my child’s urine pink?

Yes! If your child is eating beets, especially from pouches, he or she may have pinkish or red urine, and there's nothing to worry about.

Yes! Eating beets can change the color of urine to pink or even red in some people, including some children. According to Harvard Health Publications, beets, as well as blackberries and rhubarb, cause a color change in approximately 10 percent of people and only at specific stomach acidity. Worried parents can mistake this for blood in the urine. Unlike with a urinary tract infection, the child is not uncomfortable, feverish, or otherwise ill. A simple in-office screen of your child’s urine will show that there are not any red blood cells present, putting worried minds at ease. Beet-uria, as it is called, may be more common as toddlers increase their consumption of pouches of mixed, pureed veggies. Beets are excellent, low-calorie foods that are rich in fiber, some B vitamins, and antioxidants. They are part of a heart healthy diet for children and adults alike and are delicious when roasted.

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