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10 ways to avoid spoiling your children

Love, don't spoil

There are several important ways that you can keep your child from being spoiled.

All parents love their children, and that love often tempts them to give their kids the world. Parents are run ragged by the divisive demands of parenthood and careers, that desire can combine with feelings of guilt or a flat out lack of energy to transform affection into spoiling. Even so, no one hopes to end up with truly spoiled children, but how do you avoid it? The line lies somewhere between loving your children and allowing them to become materialistic or uncontrollable. Here are a few tips to love your children without spoiling them.


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  1. This is a great slideshow! Any advice on how to advise grandparents that it is okay to say “no.” I feel as though my MIL never tells my girls no and gives in to most things they want. I’m certainly thankful for all that she does to help out, but I just wish she didn’t always give them everything they want.

    1. Have you trued sitting them down and just telling them how your feeling about it and ask them to maybe spoil them a little less