Doctor Tips, Weeks 14-26

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Week 16

It’s probably a little too early to tell the gender from an ultrasound yet—but it’s almost time. More in week 16.

Many women will have an ultrasound done early in the first trimester (around 6-8 weeks along) to figure out how many babies they are carrying, confirm that it is in the uterus, and calculate their due date. Others will not have one until the “big” ultrasound, which is done at 18-20 weeks. Known as the anatomy ultrasound, the purpose of this is to check on all the important structures in your baby such as the brain, heart, and more, including the sex. If you opt for a certain kind of genetic testing, you will have an ultrasound around 11-13 weeks of pregnancy to measure the thickness of the neck fold (this combined with bloodwork helps screen for chromosomal abnormalities). Some women will have even more frequent ultrasounds—monthly or even weekly—if they have certain high-risk issues.

Read more about week 16.

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  1. This is one of the only memories I was actually able to keep up with during my 2nd pregnancy! With my 1st, I kept a pregnancy journal of sorts with things that were happening, doctor’s notes from each appointment, belly pictures each week, nursery updates… With #2, #1 was in full-blown toddler mode, so belly pictures were my only documented memory. I’m glad I made myself continue that tradition!

    1. It’s so true, the 2nd (and 3rd and 4th….) kids start having way less documentation even from before they are born! Thank goodness for smartphones these days 🙂


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