Week-by-week pregnancy (weeks 14-26)

Week 26

Right now, your babies eyes are starting to open and beginning to function. As their weight increases, he or she will lose some of that precious space to move and play in. Read more about week 26 or see what happens in the third trimester. ©

You may not get any new symptoms but the ones you have are surely to intensify. Expect aches and pains in your joints and muscles, headaches, cramps, and insomnia.

If you’re still building that nursery, make sure you’re up to dates on all the current safety recommendations for cribs, changing tables, infant car seats, strollers, and other items your baby will need.

Read more about week 26.

See what happens in the third trimester.

Reviewed by Dr. Jen Lincoln, April 2020


  1. I am having twins a girl and boy.

    1. firstly let me say congratulations to you! This is my 5th pregnancy and I swear that I am having twins for starters there are twins and my mother’s family her maternal grandmother’s were Twins and the fact that I am over 37 or just turn 37 and to me it feels like there are a lot of body parts kicking and movements in different areas also it feels like my uterus is higher up than my 15 weeks should be( however I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that that would be my due date based on conception date because I know that that date is the only date that I could have biologically conceived ) however because I had not had a period in 17 months besides one instance of light spotting and virtually no symptoms it took me awhile to realize that I was pregnant then had to jump through the Hoops of getting Medicaid and stuff like that for instance the doctor that they assigned me could not get me in for a month and a half despite the fact that I’m high risk just because of the fact that over 35 did you have any early indications that you were indeed pregnant with twins or was it something that you were just surprised at your doctor’s appointment and how far along were you when you found out that you were having twins and any type of input that you would like to share with me after reading the specifics of this post please do share I’m terrified and scared mother-to-be because I know how important early prenatal care is and especially with a high risk pregnancy thank you in advance for your response

      1. Hello hru? Im Dana and I am 38 yrs old….celebrated a birthday on the 19th. I am pregnant with Identical twin boys. I am indeed high risk as well because of my age, and for the fact is two of them, sharing a placenta. I found out at 5weeks I was pregnant. But not until 9weeks that we were expecting twins. (Such a blessing) Before, I found out I was having twins….I knew it…..Everything felt sooo diffrent! Fatigue was at a all time high! Appetite was bananas and I was showing super early…….I knew It was more than 1. But, i can say……I would be a little terrified too if I didnt get ant pre-natal until 15 weeks…..geez! But, u didnt know…..U really didnt miss out on a whole lot…..Your genetic screening,invasive blood test to learn the sex at 12weeks, and really just alot of consultations….the heavy stuff literally starts at 16weeks. I see a specialist 2x a month. I see my O.b. once a month. But, they moniter u veey closely….and look to find abnormalties. All is well with my boys….they are both a lil under 2lbs now….and flourishing and kicking plus somersalting daily. With the power of God, you will be fine! He doesnt make any mistakes…….your babies are supposed to be here…..Congrats 2 u

    2. Congratulations….how are they doing? I am 26 weeks pregnant with twins now….and boy has this been an experience to remember do u bave any advice….?im having identical twin boys.


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