Little girls look adorable with earrings, but there are a few things to think about before getting your child’s ears pierced. Many parents wonder about the right age to have them pierced and how to take care of them after the procedure. Here are a few things you might want to consider.

Why you may want to wait

Small earrings can be come a choking hazard if they are pulled out of the ear and end up in the mouth. Also, any time a needle punctures the skin, you run the risk of introducing infection into the area. Some babies can be sensitive or even allergic to the metal in the posts. A good general rule of thumb is to wait until the child is old enough to take care of the piercings herself. If you do decide to go ahead with it, make sure the procedure is done by a pediatrician or trained professional.

How to care for pierced ears

When the time is right and your child gets her ears pierced, you will want to be sure that you care for them properly. First, make sure that you clean the area well at least twice a day with rubbing alcohol. Also, be sure to twist them at least once daily and to keep that first set in for at least six weeks. Once you put in new earrings, choose ones with surgical steel or 14 karat gold posts to prevent irritation.

What if there is a problem?

At the first sign of redness, itching, or pain, apply an antibiotic ointment to the earlobe. And if the redness gets worse or the earlobe becomes swollen, call your pediatrician right away because an infection may be developing.


  1. Also if u do it when they are older that’s when they play with them and pull on them causing them to get dirty and infected or pulled out!! Both of mine got theirs done when they were 2 months old! When you get them done they give you cleaner do NOT use alcohol to clean them!! Telling people a rule if thumb is to wait till their old enough I just an opinion!!! The older they get the more they freak out in most cases and it makes it harder to Peirce! I would know I used to pierce ears!

  2. Living in south Florida, it is very common for infants to get their ears pierced when they receive their first round of shots. I did it with both of my girls when they were 2 months old. However, my pediatrician told us not the clean them with rubbing alcohol. He said to simply leave them alone and just clean them in the bath tub. It really didn’t require any extra care on my part and they were both fine. 🙂


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