Are you pregnant and already looking forward to that first family vacation? Maybe you have a new little one, and you’re anxious to show him off to your far-away friends and family in another part of the country.

Before you book that plane ticket, here are a few things to consider before traveling with your newborn.

No hard and fast rules

Ideally your infant should be at least a couple of months old and already have his first set of immunizations before traveling. Remember: any baby under 2 months old who gets sick may end up in the hospital with an IV, blood work, and even a spinal tap. You may want to think twice before you book that plane ticket and bring your baby on an airplane filled with germs. You might want to wait until his immune system is a little bit stronger.

Life happens

There are certainly life circumstances that may make it necessary for you to travel with your infant. Whether you have adopted a newborn or have a family emergency across the country, there may be times when you need to travel. If this is the case, be sure to protect your baby from germs as best you can. It might be a good idea to wear your baby in an infant carrier or sling to keep him close to you at all times.

Airline restrictions

Each airline has different rules when it comes to traveling with infants. Some require a doctor’s letter stating it is safe for the baby to fly. Others simply won’t allow your baby under 1-2 weeks of age to get on an airplane. If you do decide to travel, be sure to check with the airline before you book your flight to make sure there is no confusion. Also, bring proof of your baby’s age to the airport so there are no surprises when you get there.

Hold off as long as possible

Remember, you will have plenty of time to make vacation memories with your child. So if possible, hold off as long as you can before traveling with your newborn.

Reviewed by Dr. Sara Connolly, August 2019


  1. This is great advice. My wife and I are taking our infant to see the family in Germany. He will be 6 months old by that time.

    We are excited about the visit with the family, but, are a bit anxious about the actually flight. I hear parents talk about having plenty of activities for the child to keep them occupied, but, I don’t know what will occupy the attention of a 6 month old.

    We may just end up being “Those” parents that take their baby on a trip before they are ready.

    1. Bring lots of small toys and books to entertain your little one. Hopefully at this age, he will still be young enough to sleep a good portion of the flight. At least he won’t be mobile yet – that’s when the real fun begins on a long flight! Have a great trip!


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