If your summertime plans include swimming at a public pool, here are some things you should consider before putting on those swimsuits.


It’s a good idea to choose a location close to the lifeguard, but don’t let a pool lifeguard give you a false sense of security. It is still vitally important to maintain constant supervision, even with a lifeguard present.

Avoiding infection

Believe it or not, chlorine does not kill all germs instantly, and swallowing just a little bit of contaminated water can make you sick.  The most common illness you can contract from public swimming pools is diarrhea. Never put your child in the water if he or she has had diarrhea in the past two weeks. Also, check the diaper every 30-60 minutes or take your child to the bathroom every 60 minutes. Above all: teach your child from early on to never swallow the pool water.

How young is too young?

There is no set age recommended, but your child should be at least a few months old before swimming in a public pool. Often, public pools are not heated enough for a young infant and can lead to hypothermia if they are in for too long. A good rule of thumb is to stay in for no longer than 10 minutes at a time. At the first signs of shivering, remove your baby immediately and warm him up to prevent any further problems.


  1. We go to our neighborhood pool at least once or twice a week during the summer and I sometimes get a little grossed out when I see little kids swimming because I know that they are most likely peeing in the pool. There are so many inconsiderate people in the area we live in so I know that some parents just really don’t care if their child pees in the pool or not. We have always taught ours to go to the bathroom, even though it is a pain for me because I feel like I am constantly in and out of the pool. I am just glad they tell me when they have to go. I too assumed that chlorine killed the germs instantly and am just glad that our neighborhood HOA does a good job with pool maintenance. When we move in two years my husband and I have decided that we will be buying a house with a pool in the backyard so we don’t have to worry about the other kids who may be peeing or swimming with an upset tummy, although I did grow up practically living at our neighborhood pool and really didn’t have any issues.


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Tell us who you are! We use your name to make your comments, emails, and notifications more personal.